Learning How to Learn Part 1

September 9, 2017

Recently I decided to take one of the most popular courses on Coursera : Learning how to learn.


I had been trying to go over deep learning course on fast.ai and somehow I was not making progress and hence started to procrastinate. In retrospect there are a few reasons I can think of, as to why I gave up on the course(for the time being) :

Hence I was overwhelmed and there being no pressing need to for me to learn about deep learning, I started to look at other interesting things to do.

That is when I found out about the learning how to learn course. The timing seemed pretty apt so I decided I would take the course. The takeaways I was looking for were exactly what the course title suggests : learning how to learn new subjects.

As I am taking the course I will outline my notes here. This post consists of the notes from week 1 of the course.

Learning how to learn

Week 1

Focused and diffused modes



Practice makes perfection

Introduction to memory

Few extra points